About Me

Hi! I'm Kirsten, an east coast native, that has just left her family and friends behind and moved to California with her new husband. Since the move, my man (let's call him Mr. C) and I have been enjoying our newlywed status, got an adorable pup named Roland, and have been going on as many adventures as we can fit into each weekend. As an officer in the Marine Corps, Mr. C's placement is the reason for the drastic move and it's safe to say that since marrying him, I've married into the USMC and all that it entails.  So, to better keep in touch with all my loved ones a country away, I decided to start a blog. I'll be sharing some of my experiences as a newlywed, my adapting (or more accurately, my attempt at adapting) into the military lifestyle, all my adventures out in this glorious state, dealing with the shenanigans of my mischievous pup as a first-time-dog-owner, and whatever else life decides to throw at me. Enjoy!