Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adventures before April: 2

Hello all!!
Now that I’m finally starting to feel settled in with my new job and a new routine, I promise to make my posts much less sporadic and much more consistent! 
I also wanted to thank everyone for all the love and encouragement when hearing the news of my new job. Ya’ll are so sweet, thank you :)
In other news, Mr. C and I have been trying to cram as many adventures as possible in the remaining weekends before his deployment. I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted an Adventure before April Post, and I was surprised to figure out that this one only makes two. 
That’s a big my bad on my part and I’ve made a mental note to be more consistent on that too! I’m a work in progress, people!
I digress…
This past weekend Mr. C and I took Ro back to his favorite place ever: Da Dog Beach!! He was in heaven and it was adorable, as usual. Except for when he would attack random strangers with kisses but, hey, no one's perfect.
Afterwards, Mr. C and I finally visited the SAFARI PARK! We had heard so many awesome things about the place and, let me tell you, it definitely lives up to its hype! 
It was also a perfect opportunity to use the handy dandy camera. Double plus! 

If you happen to be in the area or live here and hadn't had the chance to visit yet, I highly recommend you do! So much fun!!
Until next time...
For Sorry's and Safaris,

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