Saturday, June 9, 2012

Abandonment Denial

Well, this is awkward. 

I have been MIA for the past uhhh… three months…ish... but I’d like to just avoid the obvious abandonment and get back to posting regularly (well... Semi-regularly... give or take...)

It has officially been a month and a half since my man left for his first deployment, and although I miss him every single day, I can say that most of the advice I received is right: it does get easier


It also doesn’t hurt that I live in one of the most stunning and active places ever. Who could really stay sad with views like this right around the corner?

Point Loma, you sure are a sight

LP! She came to visit me!

Since my main squeeze left me to save the world, I figured it was time to put myself out there. You know, get involved, stay busy, yada yada.... and as it turns out, there is some truth to it. I have absolutely no idea where the past month or so went. 

And good riddance---let's keep on keepin' on!

Anyways, back to my point: With all this ambition to socialize the crap out of myself, I started taking zumba classes with coworkers a couple times a week (he's going to love all the new moves I've learned, too...whoops, did I say that?); I started attending weekly LifeGroup meetings with an amazing group of women from my church; and I even reached out and got involved with some of the marine wives from his new Regiment team. 

So, that is where I've been and why my blogging has been lagging so immensely. Sooooorrrrryyyyyy. I'd like to say it won't happen again, but, LIFE HAPPENS :)

I also failed to mention that I have completely slacked off on some all of the mundane tasks he asked me to get done while he was away. Sorry I'm not sorry about that....Those suckers are just gonna have to wait!

Side note: I often have daydreams or even visions, if you will, of when Mr. C and I are reunited once again... let's just say its going to be better than this:


and even this:


Yes that is a bold statement, but I have faith.

Until next time!

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