Sunday, July 1, 2012

M Takes Cali!

.....And it's July. Seriously where has the time gone?
Happy birthday to you America! And to me too! We shall celebrate accordingly...

In other news---my beautiful little sis, whom we shall refer to as M, came to visit and stayed with me all last week! EEEEEE! I love that little nugget :)

We obviously had a fabulous time as we are both fabulous and lead fabulous lives no matter the location and/or circumstance.

I kid, but seriously, I love visitors. And I love M. Therefore, I loved every minute of last week.

Whether we were exploring all the various beaches cali has to offer, window shopping in La Jolla, or just kicking it PJ-style in mi casa with some phenom dinner course and a healthy-sized glass o' wine, we were livin' the good life. I only wish those glorious days could have lasted longer...

COME BACK SOON M! Love you cutie!

Until next time...

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